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High frequency measuring shunts LEMSYS

DACPOL has become a distributor of LEMSYS high frequency measuring shunts - ISM and WSM series.

They possess high bandwidth, from dc to the specified upper frequency limit. They avoid auxiliary electronics and do not require auxiliary power. Their high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and robust mechanical design permit careless utilization in adverse environments. Active parts possess rotational symmetry which, combined with a magnetic guard-ring design, permits deployment of the total skin-effect limited bandwidth.

Measuring shunts ISM series allow precise measurement of peak value and waveform of fast rise time current pulses. They excel by high bandwidth, low rise time and high accuracy of resistance value. Below their upper frequency limit (-3dB) the measuring shunts ISM behave like pure dc resistors with frequency-independent resistance value. Because of their double coaxial design measuring shunts ISM are not susceptible to noise and electromagnetic interference.

Measuring shunts WSM series is designed for precise measurement of pulsed ac- and dc currents, for instance in industrial drives, pulsed welders and plasma physics apparatuses. Moreover they are employed in short-circuit test facilities, measurement of start currents of fuel engines etc. The performance features result from high-precision turned and milled parts, antimagnetic nuts and bolts, vacuum brazing, laser welding etc.

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