Earth leakage relays X96DS 96x96

Earth leakage relays X96DS 96x96

Earth leakage relays X96DS 96x96

Current setting range 25mA...25A (3 ranges)
current accuracy +0/- 20% od 20% do100% f.s.
Delay setting range 0,1...5 sec (3 ranges)
Delay accuracy ±10% of the set value
Operating frequency 47...63Hz
Third harmonic filter attenuation 88% @ 150Hz
Operation characteristic Typ A wg.IEC775
Toroid connection test continuous
Trip contact SPDT, 5A 250Vac 
Alarm contact N.E. - N.D. selectable
Operating temperature 0...+50°C, U.R. / R.H. <90% n.c.
Storage temperature -20...+70°C
Insulation 2kV 50Hz, 1 min.
Connections screw max.2,5
Thermoplastic material UL 94V0
Protection for housing IP40
Protection for terminals IP20
According to IEC 60947-2



Characteristics to be specified
Aux. supply voltageStandard Va.c. (±10%, 45÷65Hz, 3VA) 115 - 230 V
On demand
with extraprice
Va.c. (±10%, 45÷65Hz, 3VA) 115 - 230 V 24V; 48V; 400V
Vd.c. (-15...+20%, 3W) 24V; 48V; 110V; 220V
Va.c./d.c. (5VA/5W) 20÷60V; 80÷260V


The X96DS series earth leakage relays are designed to measure the leakage or unbalance currents caused by conductors or appliances insulation losses and to react, in case the set limits are exceeded, switching off the power supply to the defective system. In addition to the trip contacts (doubled for a greater application flexibility), it is also availa-ble an alarm contact, useful to indicate the needing of apreventive maintenance in order to avoid unexpected power breaks. Main features and functions:

  • Wide range of trip currents and delays to guarantee the necessary selectivity in order to keep in operation the parts of the system not involved in thefault.
  • Three ranges of tripping current and two of delay to increase the setting accuracy.
  • Alarm contact settable to 30 or 60% of the trip current.
  • Continuous check of the good connection with the toroidal transformer, performed on the measuring winding, with trip action in case of negative result.
  • Selectable manual or automatic reset.
  • Selectable normal or positive safety operating mode of the tripcontacts
  • Inputs for remote reset.


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