Set for mounting SBC plates in hermetic enclosures (kopia)

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Set for mounting SBC plates in hermetic enclosures (kopia)

Linear ATEX HLL LED lamp

Linear ATEX HLL LED lamp

CEAG/Eaton Electric - Linear ATEX HLL LED lamp

The offer from the category of lighting for hazardous areas (Ex) includes now another products - Linear ATEX HLL LED lamp from our reliable and leading producer CEAG/Eaton Electric.

The lamp is intended to operate in 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous areas.

Our assortment includes series: linear light fittings HLL-2-3L; HLL-4-5L; HLL-2-3L-D-EM and HLL-4-5L-D-EM .

Linear lamp cover – application

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds series of HLL linear LED light fitting was designed to work in in hazardous areas of explosive environment. Made for use both in outdoor and indoor hazardous areas, where moisture or corrosion may be a problem - such as offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, oil refineries and industrial locations with Ex zones.

The extended temperature range of -40 °C to +55 °C allows these luminaires to be used in a wide range of ambient conditions where an explosive atmosphere is to be expected.

HLL series - construction

It is made of a copper-free aluminum housing and high-impact resistant polycarbonate cover, that can provide excellent corrosion resistance, heat transfer properties and extreme durability and reliability in hazardous zones.

Guaranteed long-life operation of the lamp is provided by the usage of the highly efficient LED modules, which, in addition to the extensive experience of the producer in the heat transferring electronical systems, allows to achieve the L70 on a 110 000 hours level.

The basic and most important characteristics of the lamps are polycarbonate design and 4J impact resistant lens; highest temperature class T6; IP66 rating.

We are continuously trying to widen our offer with the newest and practical solutions, thus we consistently broaden our assortment of available products.

Additionally, we provide many different options of other linear Ex lamps’ covers, such as:

  • For the 2/22 zone: nLLK 08 linear lamp cover;
  • For the 1/21 zone: in non-LED category:

eLLK 92, emergency linear cover eLLK 92 NE/NIB, linear cover eLLB 92, eLLK/eLLM NIB, eLLB 20, eLLK 92/eLLM 92.

  • For the 1/21 zone: LED category:

Linear covers HLL LED, ExLin, eLLK 92 LED, LTC, Spray LED Ex;

All products are available HERE, as well as after consulting our sales advisers.


Each time we strive to adjust the chosen product and solution to the device - taking into consideration its purpose and working environment. We cooperate only with reliable producers, this is why Eaton products guarantee doubtful high quality and efficiency or work. Eaton is a worldwide and one of the leading manufacturers of electrical and automation equipment, including tailored-made devices.

In addition the best quality components, in DACPOL we pride ourselves on our professional team of engineers and technical assistants, who, thanks to the specialized knowledge and experience, support our clients in many fields and choosing the right product.

We are aware of the dynamic changes in today’s world, thus we never stop our hard work to follow the development of new technologies, and we continuously try to provide our customers with all the latest innovations.

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